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Put a Ring on it! How to measure your finger without a Ring Sizer

Gone are the days of popping into Argos to find out your ring size!

When ordering a ring it is important to make sure you know your ring size as once made, we can't easily alter the size.

You can buy ring sizers online but if you can't wait then there are lots of helpful videos on you tube to help you - just search 'How to measure your ring size at home'

When measuring your finger there are a few things to keep in mind -

  • fluctuations in finger size! keep in mind change in temperatures and how this will affect the size of your finger.

  • Nobbly Knuckles? sometimes your knuckles can get in the way so make sure you allow room for the ring to easily fit over.

  • you want a snug fit but not too tight...but not too loose either!

  • measure once, twice, three times! It's best to be sure so measure your finger a few times and also at different times of the day.

Note that ring finger down so you know for future reference!

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