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What is recycled silver?

We want to make a big impact in our world, but we want to make a small impact on our world.

With that in mind we put lots of thought into the materials and processes we use to minimise our impact on Mother Earth and her inhabitants as much as possible.


We are sure to use Recycled Silver for all our designs. Sometimes also referred to as Eco Silver, this is Silver collected and sorted from the waste industry - this could be medical equipment or thrown away treasures.


Silver can be recycled small scale on site but this requires specialist equipment or an a larger commercial scale. There are of course, still social and environmental impacts from any process but this is considerably less than mining for Silver.


We are also big on recycling the recycled silver we use ourselves by using any cut offs and scraps for our pebble range.


Silver Ore mining can have devastating impacts on our environment from deforestation, polluted waterways and displacement of communities. We can't change the world but we can change what we do to help help.


For more information please take a look at Cookson Golds Recycled Bullion page.

Where do you get your sea glass from?

We are lucky enough to live in Cornwall and find the beaches of St. Ives and Falmouth are the best for beachcombing and finding wonderful colours and shapes. We've also found the odd piece of pottery.


We love beachcombing for Sea Glass as we are technically cleaning up the beach of rubbish and recycling the glass in our lovely pieces.

Are your designs made to order?

The majority of our rings will be made to order and any designs with stone options. For make times please check out our Shipping page. If we believe an item will take longer than the standard make time we will note this on the product page.


We have a 'Ready to Send' option for any designs that are ready to go. We are unable to alter any sizing for the 'Ready to Send' items.

Why has your jewellery left a mark on my skin/become dull?

Don't worry! That is perfectly normal and is part of the oxidisation process.


Sterling Silver will naturally darken and stain over time as it reacts with the air. It can be hurried along if it comes into contact with chemicals etc so we always recommend removing before cleaning, swimming etc.


It can be cleaned up really easily with a polishing cloth or a bit of Silvo (watch out for any stones or gems with the latter option).


Silver can also react with the natural oils in our skin and some people can be more tolerant of this than others.


If your silver tarnishes, it is not because it is fake or low quality. Quite the opposite - it is a natural process that can be managed and cleaned up effectively.


If you find your silver is looking a little duller we will happily pop it in our tumbler to give it a new lease of life.*

*Jewellery containing gems or glass settings cannot be placed in the tumbler

How long will my order take?

Wild Sage & Silver are a two woman team with ongoing life responsibilities however crafting and making your designs are of upmost importance and enjoyment to us. Therefore, we will endeavour to meet the following -


If you order a ready to go item we will endeavour to post it the next working day using Royal Mail.  We have added a number of options for you to choose from.  Royal Mail prices are continually increasing so if you do choose standard postage please keep in mind that this does not come with tracking or compensation if lost.  We have included free postage on any orders over £50.


If you order a made to order item which weighs less than 7.78grams then please allow 2 weeks plus postage time.


If you order a made to order item which weighs more than 7.78grams please allow an additional week. This allows time to make, send for hallmarking and pop in the mail.


Once your order has been posted we cannot be held responsible to any delays with the postal system but please do get in touch if you are concerned.


We will of course post as soon as the item is ready so you may receive it sooner and we will keep you updated throughout.

Are your designs Hallmarked?

In accordance with the Hallmarking Act 1973, items described as being made from Sterling Silver which weigh more than 7.78grams need to be Hallmarked if they are to be described a Sterling Silver.


If you would like your jewellery to be hallmarked we are happy to do this at an additional cost - just get in touch so we can let you know the most up to date prices!


We decide not to hallmark as standard to keep our prices reasonable - hallmarking can be costly and time consuming but it is something we are happy to do to give you peace of mind.

How can I best care for my jewellery?

Tarnish is a natural occurrence for your silver if not worn for a while or is subjected to chemicals. This can be remedied with a silver polish cloth or silver cleaning agent. If you can, try not to wear your silver in water or when cleaning, spraying perfume etc.

Silver without any set stones also loves a nice soapy bath from time to time to remove any grimey build up.

If you have a piece with a set stone it is not recommend that you wear it when it is likely you may knock it as this could weaken the piece over time.

Is your packaging recycled?

We like to keep things circular so we aim to use recycled materials as much as possible. This means that envelopes may not be brand new but they will still get your jewels to you safe and sound.

Where materials are not recycled they are FSC certified, which means materials come from an FSC forest where no more wood that the forest can handle is cut and foresters work in a safe environment.

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