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Introducing our rustic and eco-friendly Recycled Sterling Silver Moon Stamped Nuggets - the perfect addition to any sustainable jewellrey collection.


Handcrafted from offcuts of silver, each nugget is melted down and bashed into shape, ensuring that no material goes to waste in the creation process.


Each nugget is then stamped with a charming moon, creating a simple but celestial pair of studs.


Made with recycled sterling silver, these nuggets are not only beautiful, but also contribute to reducing the environmental impact of jewellery production.


Embrace sustainable fashion with these unique and ethical moon stamped nuggets, perfect for anyone looking to make a statement with their accessories.


These nuggets are roughly 1mm thick and measure 8mm in diameter.  Given the hand bashing and stamping nature no pair (or rather, single earring) will be exaclty the same.

Recycled Sterling Silver Moon Stamped Discs

  • Tarnish is a natural occurrence for your silver if not worn for a while or is subjected to chemicals.  This can be remedied with a silver polish cloth or silver cleaning agent.  If you can, try not to wear your silver in water or when cleaning, spraying perfume etc.

    Silver without any set stones also loves a nice soapy bath from time to time to remove any grimey build up.

    If you have a piece with a set stone it is not recommend that you wear it when it is likely you may knock it as this could weaken the piece over time.

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