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Calling all hikers, campers and twilight dwellers ✨🌙🏕️

This little triangular Talisman is the perfect accompaniment for your winter adventures!

It would also make the most wonderful gift for the adventurous soul in your life 😊

These can be worn alone but we think it would be the perfect partner alongside an existing pendant - a little cluster of magic 🌙

The triangle itself is a nice 1mm thick and measures 13mm point to point.

As always, it is made using 100% recycled sterling silver.

Take your pick from a 16”, 18” or 20” sterling silver chain.

We only have one of this design available 😊

Sunny Mountains Triangle Necklace Talisman

  • Tarnish is a natural occurrence for your silver if not worn for a while or is subjected to chemicals.  This can be remedied with a silver polish cloth or silver cleaning agent.  If you can, try not to wear your silver in water or when cleaning, spraying perfume etc.

    Silver without any set stones also loves a nice soapy bath from time to time to remove any grimey build up.

    If you have a piece with a set stone it is not recommend that you wear it when it is likely you may knock it as this could weaken the piece over time.

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